These stores offer visitors with a little time on their hands plenty of shopping options in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Venues include Federal Hill News, The New York Times Bookstore and Explore! Rhode Island. These stores are accessible to ticketed passengers only.

iShoppes (Duty-Free)
For those passengers traveling internationally, stop by the Duty-Free kiosk across from Gate 8 on the South Concourse for a wide selection of candy, perfume, spirits, and other sundries that can be purchased and delivered to your flight.

Federal Hill News
Offers a variety of newspapers, magazines, books and sundries with convenient self-serve "H2O and Paper to Go" options for the hurried traveler.  Located just after Gate 7 on the South Concourse.

Explore! Rhode Island
Features many Rhode Island-made items. A perfect place for great for gift-giving items and souvenir shopping.

Only in Rhode Island Featuring items that are unique to the Ocean State, this store showcases local foods, artisan works, wine and spirits and much more- all created in Rhode Island. Located just after Gate 7 on the South Concourse.

A news stand featuring a variety of daily newspapers and other print materials, drinks, snacks and gift items.  Located just after Gate 10 on the North Concourse. 

Sells high-quality sunglasses for both sport and fashion.  Located across from Gate 9 on the North Concourse.


Handbags, belts, jewelry, accessories and small leather goods can be found in this shop located adjacent to the Food Court in the center of the terminal.

Brooks Brothers
Located just after Gate 15 on the North Concourse, this shop offers a variety of business attire from shirts and ties to leisure ware and sweaters for men and women.

Ocean State Travel Mart
A news stand featuring books, magazines, snacks, drinks and gift items, located just after Gate 14 on the North Concourse.

Gineva Murano Glass Jewelry
Family owned, locally designed and crafted jewelry made from carefully selected Murano, Italy glass.  Located at Gate 11 on the North Concourse.

Only In Rhode Island
Items in Only In Rhode Island reflect the unique beauty and diversity of Rhode Island. Look for the Adirondack chairs outside the storefront. Located just past Gate 14 on the North Concourse.

Heritage Booksellers
A classic bookstore, bestsellers and other significant items are available. There are two locations at Green: one on the South Concourse past Gate 7, and a second on the North Concourse past Gate 10.

Best Buy Kiosks
The kiosks are an automated experience for high-end consumer electronics. Products include portable media players, digital cameras, headphones, etc. Located on both the North and South Concourses.