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Flying Familiarization Program

The purpose of this program is to provide the traveling public an opportunity to visit the airport and learn about the various curb to gate processes involved with flying from PVD.  The program is meant to be a familiarization session geared for infrequent, apprehensive, or first time flyers that provides information on the expected PVD experience, pre-flight.  Courses are available on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 1:00pm and 6:00pm. 


·         Classes will consist of

o   A brief introduction of the instructor

o   A short PowerPoint presentation that touches upon the PVD experience including:

§  Parking/arriving at the airport

§  Check-in/departure

§  Security screening including general rules (3-1-1, prohibited items, what ID are acceptable, etc.)

§  Boarding the aircraft/gate environment

§  Protocols that RIAC takes to keep the airport clean

§  A brief overview of services and amenities available to customers

§  Arriving back at PVD/baggage claim

§  Exiting the terminal to ground transportation, parking, or getting picked up

o   A site visit and walk through of parts of the terminal to include:

§  Departures level curb area

§  Airline check-in desks

§  Entrance to the security checkpoint

§  Arrivals exit from the concourses

§  Baggage claims


For more information or to reserve your attendance, please email us at or call 401-691-2488.