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PVD Pups


PVD Pups, T. F. Green Airport’s pet therapy program, was introduced in August 2015 to offer an enhanced customer service experience to our passengers by providing stress relief and comfort through interaction with pups.

When travelers walk through the terminal they will be greeted by these pups with their wagging tails and green vests clearly marked PVD Pups “Pet Me”.  These pups are hoping to make your experience here a little more puptastic!

Certification and Training

PVD Pups must have their AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and complete a specialized training program specific to the airport environment and will also earn an Urban AKC CGC certificate upon completion of the training.  Under the direction of Susan Parker of Dynamic Dog Training, dogs must complete a 9-week course, learning skills from basic obedience to desensitization to other animals, food and other stimuli in the airport environment.  All handlers are also required to comply with airport volunteer policies and pass a background check and fingerprinting before joining the PVD Pups team.  

Due to the constantly changing environment of an airport, PVD Pups continue training throughout the year to earn CEUs, which are a series of impulse control tests and must re-certify each year.

Hours of Operation

Each dog and handler works one weekly shift of one to two hours.

The PVD Pups teams are also involved in community events to promote pet therapy and the PVD Pups Program and can be seen marching in local parades and participating in media events throughout the year.


Liberty Luciano, PVD Pup Program Coordinator –
Susan Parker, Dynamic Dogs -

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Handlers: Susan and Harry Parker 

Teddy is a 6-year-old mixed breed (pit bull/boxer) and is the PVD Pups Mascot. His mom and dad run the PVD Pups program and own” Dynamic Dog Training."  They adopted Teddy from the Smithfield Animal Shelter in April 2015 to be trained and perform a very important job. He is the original PVD Pups dog and spent a lot of his time helping his parents design the program. Teddy's actual name is Theodore Francis Green as he is named after the airport!






Handler: Bob Fontaine

My name is Cooper. I am a soon to be 4-year-old Golden Retriever. I've been part of the PVD pup program since October, 2015.  I have met some wonderful people and have fun with children. Everyone likes to pet me and I get to make people smile. I also get to see "my regulars".... the staff at the airport and making them smile makes me happy.   



Handler:  Laurie Cary

Fenway is a Golden Retriever born on December 31, 2015. This New Year’s Eve baby has her B.A. in Canine Life and Social Skills and has been a member of the PVD Pups team since August 2015.  Fenway enjoys playing in snow or mud and enjoys hiking in the woods with her 2 legged and 4 legged friends. Her favorite activity is donning her green "Pet Me" vest and greeting passengers of all ages visiting T.F. Green (PVD) airport. Fenway enjoys her job and always has a wagging tail and doggie kisses for anyone and everyone. Fenway can usually be found greeting visitors at T.F. Green airport on Wednesdays from 12-2PM.


Handlers: Michelle and Gary Rose


Mike is a 3 year old English bulldog and Victorian bulldog mix and has been a PVD Pups since October 2017.  He is a rescue dog from one of NYC high kill shelters. He loves people and animals of all kinds. He loves to go for long walks, long car rides and loves loves loves his carrots!  



Friar and Tripper 

Handlers: Bruce and Sheila Smith

German Shepherd Dogs Friar & Tripper became PVD Pups in May, 2016 and earned Gold Wing Platinum Status this past February, 2017.  In addition to several other Pet Therapy commitments, their absolute favorite activity is being part of our PVD Pups Program at T. F. Green.  A most special day that wags their tails, is one where they have the privilege to visit with Vets during several periodic Honor Flights.  They always manage to bring a smile to all:  passengers, security personnel, airport workers, seniors and children.  The positive effect they and other PVD PUPS have for travelers passing through T. F. Green is beyond question.  One musician on his way to play at Carnegie Hall in New York had it right a few shifts ago, when he said to us, after meeting Friar & Tripper, “These PVD PUPS here in Providence deserves a standing ovation!” Bruce and Sheila also volunteer at the T. F. Green Military Lounge.                 

Handlers: Cynthia and Fred Calci

My name is Grace a I’m a PVD Pup and I am a 4-year-old Yellow Lab.  I am a very happy and sweet girl and love greeting new people every time I go to the airport.  They call me wiggle butt because I get so excited that my butt wiggles and my tails wags with excitement.  I just love the kids traveling.  The passengers always say I am so calm and sweet.  I also made friends with the people that work there, they see me coming and come to pet me too.  Just say the word AIRPORT and I am ready to go do my job. 


Handler: David Accetta

Harry is a Great Pyrenees who was born in 2011 and adopted from the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in May 2012.  Harry officially became a PVD Pup in May 2016 and is a real eye catcher with those big eyes and the softest of fur.  Harry recently earned his Pot of Gold wing status for his amazing impulse control skills. 


Handlers: Ashley Lanctot and Wayne Charbonneau


Hazel is a 2 years old mixed cattle dog who has been a PVD Pup since December, 2016. ?Hazel enjoys helping passengers at the airport forget their stress and helping them focus on relaxing with her sweet and gentle demeanor.  Hazel also likes to make people laugh by handing out kisses.





Handler: Cathleen Hingerty

Jenna is an eight-year-old Yellow Lab/Irish Setter Mix. Jenna has served proudly as a PVD PUP since December 2015! She enjoys her time at the airport and especially loves all the kids and anyone who has just eaten peanut butter!  Jenna is patient, gentle & she instinctively knows when passengers, airport staff and TSA agents need a "pet"!  Folks are constantly complimenting Jenna on her good PVD PUP manners and her soft fur.  It has been confirmed by hundreds of travelling children that Jenna has "the softest ears, ever". 

Jenna is happiest around people, loves the beach, peanut butter & carrots!  Jenna is a single & a Gemini!




Handler: Pam Fisette

Kya is a two-year-old Chow Chow rescue who joined PVD Pups in February, 2016. Her special gift is that she makes folks smile when she struts her confident & dignified stuff at PVD. She enjoys enhancing people's experience at the airport. 

Handler: Kimberly Lenhardt

Logan is around 8 years old and was adopted from an animal rescue organization in 2010.   Logan graduated from the PVD Pups program in January 2016 and enjoys bringing joy and laughter to many people, bringing smiles to the tear-filled faces of young children and helping calm nervous and grieving passengers.  While Logan takes all aspects of his job seriously, he really enjoys shaking hands with passengers and watching airplanes pass by the terminal windows. 

When Logan is not at the airport, he enjoys long walks on the beach, splashing around in Narragansett Bay, hiking in the woods and following his nose wherever it takes him.  Keep an eye out for Logan at T.F. Green Airport on Wednesdays in the late afternoon to evening. 




Handler: Caroline Gelsomino

London Dora is a 4-year-old Shih-Tzu who became a certified PVDPUP in October 2015. She loves her family, looking at herself in mirrors and all people. London thinks everyone at the airport is specifically there to meet her, seriously! When "mom" says "airport" she gives a full head tilt and runs to get ready!

Luke Perry
Handlers: Miriam and Gene

Luke is a 7lb Norfolk terrier full of love and joy. Pay him a little attention, say a kind word, and his whole body wriggles with delight. This little guy has more than his fair share of personality. His nickname in the family is "the little vagabond," because no matter how much he is groomed and brushed, he tends to have a disheveled look about him. It all adds to his charm.

He has earned his Good Canine Certificate, completed the Dynamic Dog Training PVD Pups training and has earned his Gold Wing Platinum status. Luke currently focused on learning new tricks: shake, high five, Boing - you have to see this one to understand :-), touch and dance.  Luke's hobbies include meeting new people, terrorizing squirrels and lounging in the sunniest spot in the house.  



Handler: Jan Garbutt

Pippa was adopted in the summer on 2015 from a Kentucky rescue site.  Luckily, I had saved the article in Animal Print about PVD PUPS and I immediacy contacted Susan Parker. When we completed basic training it was suggested that we take her through the training to become a PVD Pup.  Pippa was thrilled that she qualified and has been happily greeting travelers on Thursdays since December 2015.  Pippa is scruffy and friendly and so many people are attracted to her, especially children. Quite often people are surprised to see us, which gives me pleasure to tell them about our program. Pippa and I love our job!




Handler: Laurie Jansen


Rudy is a 5-year-old long haired Mini Daschund rescue. He enjoys his work at the airport and loves greeting passengers. He sits in front of every passenger and slowly wiggles his way back to them to get the top of his head and back pet.  In his free time, Rudy enjoys rolling in the grass and mud and getting very messy. He also enjoys walks and adventures with his brothers. He is a quite skilled squirrel watcher and alerts the neighborhood upon a sighting. He also loves lying in the sun and especially spending time with his momma.






Handlers: Courtney and Dwayne Messier


Scotch is a two-year-old Irish Wolfhound.  Scotch officially became a PVD Pup in January 2017.  You won’t be able to miss me walking down the concourse wanting to greet you!!









Sparky Brown                                      

Handler: Joel


Sparky is a 14-month old Australian Labradoodle who official became a PVD Pup in March 2017.  Sparky loves greeting people, sharing kisses with travelers and giving high fives to kids.  Even though this young man is new to the program he has already earned is Gold Wing Platinum status.  When Sparky is not busy putting smiles on the faces of passengers, he likes to play fetch and play Frisbee.






Handlers: Denise and Jerry Yordy


Stuart is a 18 month-old Labrador Retriever (named after one of the Minions).  Stuart has been in training to become a PVD Pup since January 2017 and qualified as a Gold Wing PVD Pup with Platinum status in March.  Stuart likes the airport and greeting people, but isn’t a fan of the escalator.  He can’t wait to greet passengers!





Ulysses aka Uly
Handler: Meaghan Bobar


Ulysses, a PVD Pup since December 2016, is the youngest PVD Pup at 15 months! With his big ole ears, and sweet, wrinkly face, Ulysses loves making passengers smile and feel at ease. Everyone who meets Uly is charmed by his tricks, love of treats and friendly smile. He greets everyone with a tail wag, loves attention and if you ask nicely, he might even give you a smooch on the cheek! Tell him your worries; he's all ears! Uly can be seen at the airport: some Wednesday and Friday evenings after 6:30pm. 



Handler:  Liz Swiader


Miles is a 3 year old pit bull terrier adopted from Forever Paws animal shelter in February 2017 and became a PVD Pup in July 2017. This big ball of mush cannot hold his licker and will give out kisses unabashedly to any airport passenger who needs a good face cleaning. When not at the airport, Miles is an avid hiker and adventurer; he has no problem churning out 15+ mile hikes, climbing mountains, or swimming after tennis balls for hours on end. After a long day of hiking, Miles loves to snuggle on the bed n with his human.




Handler:  Carole Simas


Zoe was adopted from the MA MSPCA, where she was also born, January 26th 2010.  Her Mom was a yellow lab/pit mix and her Dad was a Siberian Husky, hence her two different colored eyes.  Having earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen title and her PVD Pups certificate, she also loves agility, nose work and she can give you her paws if you ask.  She's been a PVD Pup since April, 2016 and can be found cruising T. F. Green on Saturday or Sunday, mid-morning to early afternoon.  Zoe likes nothing better than to bring smiles to passenger's faces, especially if they belong to a little one. She's been known to give out more than 50 kisses an hour!